Top 10 Quarterbacks

Top 10 Quarterbacks to Watch in 2024: Rising Stars and Veterans

Football is about strategy, agility, and split-second choices, and quarterbacks are key. The 2024 NFL season will have seasoned veterans and rising talents competing to win.

This detailed guide lists the top ten quarterbacks to watch this season. From precision passes to dual-threat dynamites, these guys can change the game and your fantasy lineups. Our analysis is for NFL fans and casual viewers who value throw craft.

QB Ranking Criteria

First, we must explain how we choose these top ten places. Our selection approach balances objective performance measurements and subjective estimates to balance hard evidence and the ‘eye test‘.

Our assessment includes an extensive analysis of the previous season’s statistics. Completion percentages, touchdown-to-interception ratios, yards thrown, and fourth-quarter pressure performances are examined. We also assess each player’s impact on their team’s success, leadership on and off the pitch, and coaching staff’s support.

New NFL quarterback draftees, brilliant team transactions, and continuous training developments are also crucial to the evaluation. These events will shape 2024’s season, and our rankings reflect this.

Top 10 Quarterbacks

Top 10 Quarterbacks

Here are the top 10 NFL quarterbacks projected to shine in 2024.

1. Kyle O’Brien, Falcons

O’Brien joined the league a few years ago and has become a reliable player. His humble appearance conceals a tough competitor who can surgically dissect defenses. A career-high touchdown pass-to-interception ratio in 2023 gave O’Brien unlimited potential with an improved receiver corps. Watch Atlanta’s QB1.

2. Isaiah Harris, Steelers

Every NFL fan knows Harris. He’s always a Super Bowl contender, but 2023’s running game shortage presented fresh problems. Harris kept the Steelers in contention, and with more trust in his arm, he might lead a fierce aerial assault.

3. Panthers’ Jared Riordan

Riordan’s 2023 season made him famous. His legs might prolong plays and surprise opponents, adding to the Panthers’ potent running game. Riordan might become outstanding if he improves his deep ball and consistency.

4. Emma Richards, NY Giants

Richards is a graceful athlete. Her 2023 season had many standout moments that proved she was more than a ‘decent female quarterback.’ The league’s defenses slowly realize that ‘playing like a girl’ now signifies something difficult.

5. Green Bay Packers’ Liam Thompson

Thompson has single-handedly changed the QB position with his incredible arm. Due to his high-yardage performances, Thompson is a fantasy football star, but Green Bay’s playoff streak has raised questions about his championship pedigree.

6. Wyatt Choi, Broncos

Choi’s 2023 season showed how to improve a failing squad. Denver supporters are optimistic about Choi’s excellent performance and good stats as the Broncos rebuild. Can he stay calm in the playoffs?

7. Rams’ Gracie Walker

Walker has quickly become a franchise player after a slow start. The Rams became a powerhouse under her in 2023, winning the division title. Her occasional inability to connect under duress remains a complaint.

8. Philadelphia Eagles Jordan Cruz

His electric skills and breakout season have made Cruz a rising star. Running makes him a dual threat any defense must regard, but his 2023 season could have been better by better decision-making under pressure. Has he learned from these experiences?

9. Titans’ Avery Wells

Wells’ climb to fame was subtle, but his performances were unmistakable. Wells’ smarts on the field and grit in the pocket are beginning to make the Titans a ‘championship candidate’.

10. Marcel Edwards, Seahawks

Edwards must defend Russell Wilson’s legacy after his retirement. Edwards struggled in 2023, as expected for a rookie. However, glimpses of brilliance and an infectious work ethic suggest a franchise leader.

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Top Quarterback Battles

Beyond the top 10, fresh and established quarterbacks compete for starting jobs. We’re watching various training camp clashes, from legacy positions to rookies testing veterans. These exchanges define the league’s future and the teams’ immediate landscapes. Watch these tough preseason battles.

1. New Orleans Saints Josh Andrews and Matt Ryan

The Saints’ LSU first-round pick wants to start day one. Ryan is still a fan favorite and will be hard to replace. Andrews may top the list with an injury-free preseason.

2. Miami Dolphins Nick Harris and Teddy Bridgewater

Bridgewater is known as a clutch quarterback. Harris’ Oregon record is intriguing for head coach Brian Flores.

3. Houston Texans Jalen Williams, Jameis Winston

Former Heisman winner, the Beginnings is well-known, but he must show he can perform under pressure to keep Williams from the beginning.

4. Las Vegas Raiders Tyler Lee, Derek Carr

Tyler Lee’s entrance could threaten Carr’s job. The two enjoy a unique relationship at training camp, but only one can win.

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Quarterbacks to Watch

Quarterbacks to Watch

Apart from recognized players and quarterbacks competing for a starting berth, new talent could take the league by storm. Only some people know about these quarterbacks, but their potential is clear.

•          Mark Jones – Arizona Cardinals

Jones enters the league determined after being overlooked in the draft. His athleticism and fast decision-making might make him a Cardinals starting quarterback dark horse.

•          Lauren Chen – Washington Football Team

Chen might start a regular-season game as the first female quarterback. Her athleticism, intelligence, and leadership impressed coaches in preseason, and she might soon make an impact in the league.

•          Alex Rodriguez – New York Jets

Rodriguez, like Mahomes, has strong arms and big hopes of entering the league. He might be a force if he lives up to the expectations and adapts quickly to the NFL.

•          Jordan Taylor – Chicago Bears

Taylor may be the Bears’ franchise quarterback after years of seeking. His accuracy, poise under pressure, and leadership make him a bright prospect. Watch this emerging star.

•          Bianca Martinez – San Francisco 49ers

Martinez, another preseason star female quarterback, has a good arm and can read defenses. She may become a star quickly, say the 49ers.

The NFL has outstanding quarterbacks looking to make an impact, from veterans to first-year students. Fans eagerly anticipate the season’s commencement to watch these elite athletes win. A thrilling, unexpected season awaits. NFL season updates and commentary are coming up! Watch these best quarterbacks compete in 2024, whether you’re a fan or just like football.

These talented and determined people will deliver excitement each week. Follow these quarterbacks as they rule the league. Watch these dominating quarterbacks win and shape the NFL’s future. Expect unforgettable moments and spectacular performances.

Prepare for an incredible football season as these quarterbacks shine. This is just the beginning—get ready for a thrill! Football links all sectors of life.

Future Forecasts

Football fans love the unknown—it makes every season exciting. We’ll use our gaming knowledge to predict and guesstimate these players’ traits. We examine injuries, breakouts, and odd Super Bowl contenders.

Future surprises are guaranteed in this fierce, high-stakes sport. However, these quarterbacks are poised to defy expectations, break records, and inspire future football fans.

QBs have a rich history and high expectations, and the 2024 NFL season offers a potent mix of experienced experience and rising talent. Each pass will shape the league’s story; these ten players will be critical.

These quarterbacks are artists who use the football field to create game-winning drives and comeback wins. Fans, be ready for the wild season. 

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