NFL Tournament Bracket

Conquer the Playoffs! NFL Tournament Bracket Guide (2023 & 2024)

Prepare for NFL Playoff excitement like never before! As football fever spreads, the tournament bracket system is ready for action.

This guide will help you master the playoffs, whether you’re a die-hard or casual fan. Grab your favorite jersey, relax on the couch, and begin this fantastic NFL Tournament Bracket voyage!

Understanding Playoffs

First, let’s explain the NFL playoffs before making round predictions. The playoffs feature 12 teams—six AFC and six NFC. These clubs are seeded by regular season records. Each conference’s top two teams get a bye week and progress to the divisional round without playing in the wild-card round.

NFL Playoffs

Wild Card Round

The wild card round is the first playoff round. In this round, the third-seeded team in each conference plays the sixth-seeded team, and the fourth-seeded team plays the fifth-seeded team. Both games’ winners advance to the divisional round.

Divisional Round

Things heat up in the divisional round. In this round, the top-seeded team in each conference plays the lowest remaining seed, and the second-seeded team plays the other. The winners advance to the conference final.

Conference Championship Weekend Strategies

As the NFL playoffs approach Conference Championship Weekend, it’s time to tweak your bracket and make strategic decisions. Teams compete to advance to the Super Bowl in this tournament stage.

During this crucial weekend, focus on each team’s strengths and shortcomings. You may improve your predictions by studying player matches, coaching styles, and performance trends.

Monitoring injuries is another suitable method. Injury can affect a team’s performance and game outcome. Knowing who is healthy and who is in pain can help you choose brackets.

Remember the importance of momentum in these crucial matches. Teams that have played well before this level may have more confidence and cohesion.

Football is unpredictable, so expect the unexpected on Conference Championship Weekend!

NFL Playoff Dates & Schedule

NFL Tournament Bracket

After understanding how the playoffs operate, let’s look at the 2023 and 2024 NFL playoff dates and schedule. The wild card and divisional round will occur January 7–8 and 14–15, 2023.

The conference championships are on January 22, and the Super Bowl on February 5. January 6–7, 2024, is the wild card round, followed by January 13–14, the divisional round. On January 21, conference championship games will be played, followed by the Super Bowl on February 4.

Date (Time ET)Wild Card Matchup
Saturday, Jan 13 (4:30pm)(5) Cleveland Browns vs (4) Houston Texans
Saturday, Jan 13 (8:15pm)(6) Miami Dolphins vs (3) Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday, Jan 14 (1:00pm)(7) Pittsburgh Steelers vs (2) Buffalo Bills
Sunday, Jan 14 (4:30pm)(7) Green Bay Packers vs (2) Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, Jan 14 (8:15pm)(6) Los Angeles Rams vs (3) Detroit Lions
Monday, Jan 15 (8:15pm)(5) Philadelphia Eagles vs (4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Date (Time ET)Divisional Round Matchup
Saturday, Jan 20 (4:30pm)(4) Houston Texans vs (1) Baltimore Ravens
Saturday, Jan 20 (8:15pm)(7) Green Bay Packers vs (1) San Francisco 49ers
Sunday, Jan 21 (3:00pm)(4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs (3) Detroit Lions
Sunday, Jan 21 (6:30pm)(3) Kansas City Chiefs vs (2) Buffalo Bills
Date (Time ET)NFL Conference Championship Matchup
Sunday, Jan 28 (3:00pm)(3) Kansas City Chiefs vs (1) Baltimore Ravens
Sunday, Jan 28 (6:30pm)(3) Detroit Lions vs (1) San Francisco 49ers
Date (Time ET)Super BowlMatchup
Sunday, Feb 11 (6:30pm)(3) Kansas City Chiefs vs (1) San Francisco 49ers

List of Teams That Have Secured a Spot in the Playoffs:

As the regular season ends, some teams have already clinched their spot in the playoffs. In 2023, the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Jacksonville Jaguars have secured spots for the AFC while the Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears, and Carolina Panthers have clinched for the NFC. In 2024, it’s still too early to tell which teams have clinched, but it’s always exciting to see who will make it into the playoffs.

AFC Teams to Clinch Playoff BerthNFC Teams to Clinch Playoff Berth
Baltimore RavensSan Francisco 49ers
Miami DolphinsDallas Cowboys
Cleveland BrownsPhiladelphia Eagles
Kansas City ChiefsDetroit Lions
Houston TexansLA Rams
Buffalo BillsTampa Bay Buccaneers
Pittsburgh SteelersGreen Bay Packers

Divisional Round Navigation

The NFL Playoffs Divisional Round heats up as only the best teams remain. This round has some of the most thrilling high stakes matches.

After advancing from the Wild Card Round, teams face fierce contests to advance to the Super Bowl.

Every team’s path hinges on strategic gameplay and faultless execution, which can determine their fate. Players and coaches are under pressure to qualify for the Conference Championship game.

Fans eagerly await these games since anything can happen in this do-or-die playoff stage. Each Divisional Round encounter promises unique excitement and drama, from underdog wins to nail-biting finishes.

Conference Championship

Conference championships are among the most intriguing playoff rounds. The best teams competing in conference compete for a Super Bowl spot. Each conference championship winner advances to the final.

Conference Championship

The Super Bowl

The NFL season culminates with the Super Bowl in early February. The conference champions compete for the Super Bowl title. Millions watch the game, which has become an American icon.

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Predicting 2023 and 2024 Seeds and Matchups

NFL fans eagerly anticipate the 2023 and 2024 playoffs, with seed and matchup predictions becoming more fascinating as teams compete for a tournament spot.

In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills are expected to continue to maintain their dominance. Emerging competitors like the Cincinnati Bengals may change everything with their exciting play.

Traditional NFC favorites like the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers look ready to make a comeback. Dark horse clubs like the Arizona Cardinals could threaten with their dynamic offense.

Heroic battles are coming with Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady guiding their teams. A memorable postseason full of surprises and victories awaits.

How Does the NFL Playoff Bracket Work?

Remember that playoff upsets happen. A superior record or seeding does not guarantee a win. Matchups and how teams have played one another are also essential.

Can NFL Teams Sign Playoff Players?

Consider the team’s postseason experience. Some teams do well under duress in the postseason, while others struggle. Researching playoff performances and how each club performed in comparable scenarios can help.


Congratulations! You now have everything you need to win the NFL playoffs. Follow the bracket and make informed judgments based on team records, matches, and other criteria.

Above all, enjoy the games and root for your Super Bowl team! Be ready for fierce football action and may the most incredible team win!

Go Team!

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